About Me

Matteo Spampani

not only  a software engineer

I am an optimistic open minded entrepreneur and software engineer that likes technological challenges. I became a data analyst to solve harder problems using thinking abilities. Each problem gives you a bit of knowledge that lasts forever.

In the free time I am also a volunteer rescuer in a non-profit association in the health care sector. Helping people gratifies me.


Technical knowledge

Below a short summary of my activities.

Problem Solving

The solution of a complex problem must be found after considering all the details. Slowing down business growth due to technical problems is not acceptable.

Software Engineering

Software must be stable, flexible and scalable to let business grow quickly and safely. High quality software is reliable and keeps business under security.

Data Analysis

Big Data, or databases, must be analyzed efficiently to estrapolate KPIs, then clean and powerful graphics take care about the best way of representation.

Business needs solutions,
not only  software.


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